1 - For our beef burgers, we use only LOCAL (LV FARMERS) juiciest pieces of meat that are minced at-place once or twice a day in order to maintain them fresh and full of flavour.

2 - For our chicken burgers, we use only chicken fillet, which helps to make them healthier food with less fat.

3 - All beef burgers are served medium rare.

4 - All of our burgers are grilled over an open fire, which gives them a particular flavour and aroma. The average amount of meat in the burger is 160 grams.

5 - In our recipes, we use only fresh vegetables that are supplied daily.

6 - Bread for the Street Burgers’ burgers is daily baked at a local bakery according to traditional recipes, specifically for Street Burgers (we also have gluten-free bread).

7 - Our potato chips and French fries are natural potatoes fried using 100% vegetable oil just before serving.

8 - Vegetable oil we use for frying is later transferred to be processed for biodiesel.

9 - All our burgers are made immediately after they have been ordered – from a hot grill right to your plate.

10 - Our menu includes over 15 different kinds of burgers, and if YOU want to cook YOUR burger, choose the ingredients and we will take care of the rest.