Street Burgers – 10 year anniversary

Street Burgers – 10 year anniversary

In February 2023, all of us at Street Burgers are celebrating our 10 year anniversary since opening our first burger joint back in 2013.
Since our first day we have prioritized simplicity, authenticity, high quality and unforgettable flavor when serving all of our burgers.

We started with just a few burgers and sides on our menu. Over the years we have expanded our menu while keeping a strong focus on our values.

Since the beginning, we have made it our mission to only use the highest quality ingredients and source them locally from Latvian farmers.

Currently we have 5 Street Burgers locations:

  • Meža iela 4a, Rīga – currently undergoing renovations. It will be our first Street Burgers Home location that will focus on making you feel cozy and relaxed. We will reopen in the spring of 2023.
  • T/C Spice, Lielirbes iela 29, Rīga
  • T/C Saga, Biķeru iela 4, Dreiliņi
  • Blaumaņa iela 10, Rīga
  • Brīvības iela 3/7, Liepāja

Cheers to the next 10 years!