About Us

About Us

Street Burgers is a burger restaurant concept created in Latvia and we opened our first restaurant in 2013. Currently we have 5 locations – Riga Center,  Agenskalns, Shopping Centre Domina, Shopping Centre SAGA and wind city Liepaja.

Street Burgers offers more than 20 different types of burgers, salads and snacks. Vegetarians and vegans will also find a delicious meal at our place. At Street Burgers you can beat your thirst because we have a wide selection of craft beers, soft drinks, ice cream cocktails, smoothies, coffee and much more.

Street Burgers is about healthy lifestyle, that is why taste is always our top priority. For cooking we only use the highest quality products from Latvian farms. We cook every burger on order and on fire grill, so you can enjoy the best of today and tomorrow ask for the next.

Our Products


Do potatoes flow in Latvian bloodstream? We can’t answer this question, but we can assure, that our potatoes are delicious and gluten-free. We cook our potatoes two times in plant-based oil, so you can get them nice and crispy.


At Street Burgers you can enjoy chicken which is Latvian grown, but with an international touch. Raised free-range in Ķekava and rewarded with HALAL and Latvian Green spoon product certificates.


Our burgers not only offers huge potential on which will be your favourite food (don’t tell your mom), but also a reason why this statement could be true – we only use best beef varieties of selected meat (Charolais, Angus, Hereford) available in Latvia.


The same as beef, it’s full of Latvia’s meadow. Our select meat does not contain antibiotics and lambs are fully grass-fed.


Almost for anything you need some accent which makes simple things even better. We offer you to taste our burgers with different kind of sauces which are homemade.


Our bread basically puts all the delicious ingredients into one combined taste experience. It’s fresh, crispy and smells so nice, that it will stick in your mind.


We proud, that we are the first restaurant chain in Latvia, that uses only free-range produced eggs. We are offering only the highest quality eggs, that you can get in Latvia.


The smell of earth and strength that comes from Latvia’s countryside. All of this we want to serve you on a dish, so you can enjoy it yourself. We are offering locally grown vegetables, with no chemicals.