Customer card terms of use

Customer card terms of use

Street Burgers loyalty program terms

1. Terms used in the rules
1.2. Survey – A fillable form for full participation in Street Burgers loyalty card program. A filled out form confirms the wish and will to participate in the program. The survey requires the participant to provide data according to Street Burgers and the customers wishes.
1.3. Card – A QR code given out by Street Burgers with the ability to be digitalised.
1.4. Rules – Street Burgers loyalty card guidelines defining the terms of use and conditions upon which the card is provided to the customer. The rules are binding to both the customer and the service provider.
1.5. Benefits – two level discount system (10% and 12%) with exceptions on alcoholic beverages, drinks in cans and bottles, kids meals.
2. General rules of the loyalty card program
2.2. The rules of the program come into effect on January 1st, 2020 and apply to all Street Burgers restaurants.
2.3. The participant of the program agrees that Street Burgers uses their data for : Customer loyalty strengthening, analysis of buying habits for bettering of the provided service quality (Name and surname, phone number, email ; the participants of the program retain the right to discontinue receival of promotional material from Street Burgers by filling out an application form at any of the restaurants or by email .
2.3.1. The participant has the right to refuse any promotional material at the moment of filling out the survey.
2.4. Street Burgers is guarantees compliance with Personal data processing law and promises confidentiality. Information may be provided to third parties only in cases dictated by Latvian Republic law.
2.5. Street Burgers retains the right to change the rules of the program. Information about the changes will be provided 7 days before the said change on website and/or directly in affected restaurants.
2.6. The rules are available on our website in Latvian and English, and in all the burger joints which the program covers,
2.7. The card is given/sold together with a consultation on how to digitalise the card and a rundown of available benefits.
2.8. The card is active and available for discounts and other benefits .
2.9. To register the card the participant has to fill out a survey and return it to the waiter. Activating the card can take from 1 – 5 business days.
2.10. One person may only register one card.
2.11. Only the registered holder may use the card. Restaurant retains the right to refuse a discount or a benefit in cases of fraud in form of handing over the card.
3. Rules of benefit receival and use
4. 3.1. Any person who has reached the age of 18 may be a participant in the program.
4.2. The participant of the program may only receive the benefits the card is provided before completing the purchase.
4.3. The card guarantees the benefits mentioned below :
4.3.1. Special deals on popular items:
4.3.2. A system of discounts : please see the table of discounts and percentages. By spending more than 150 EUR in the restaurants covered by the program the participant is automatically transferred to the next level of discounts.
5. Loss of card or damage
5.2. In case of losing the card or QR code the participant is advised to inform the restaurant by email to prevent unlawful use.
5.3. The participant may buy a new card in any of the restaurants covered by the program.
6. Final rules and suggestions
6.2. It is the duty of the program participant to use the card gently to prevent damage to the card.
6.3. It is the duty of the participant to inform the restaurant about any changes to their data by email
6.4. The participant of the program has the right to be informed about the personal data used and may ask for it to be provided by email
6.5. The participation in the program may be terminated by the initiative of the participant or Street Burgers in the following cases :
6.6. Based on a application by the
6.7. Based on an email sent by Street Burgers explaining the conditions.
6.8. After the discontinuation the data of the person is destroyed with no data retained.

Customer card application form sample:

Discount levels

Discount card For sets* Food Coffee, tea For pourable drinks For drinks in bottles and cans After spending €150, the customer is automatically transferred to the 2nd discount level.

*Discounts do not apply to children’s sets

1.Level 5% 10% 10% 10% 0%
2.Līmeņa 7% 12% 12% 12% 0%

Digitize the QR code of your customer card in the application