Back To Basics

Back To Basics


Simplicity, authenticity, high quality and unforgettable taste. A place to be, a place where to return and recommend to others. These were the key elements that led to the opening of the first Street Burgers in 2013. With confidence about the quality, cooking process and taste, we started with a couple of burgers and items on the menu. From the very first steps, it has been our responsibility to make sure that our products are made from high-quality local ingredients.
Juicy, cooked on open-fire burgers that have been successful since the beginning and has received great reviews and prominence to this day.


Since opening in 2013, our assortment has grown. Wanting to adapt to a wide range of taste adventures and following the world trends, we introduced several novelties in the menu. Despite the fact that the assortment became wider, over time we concluded that we were moving away from our original vision. We noticed that most menu items that were placed in the beginning are still the most recognised and loved among our consumers. Our Street Burgers friends continued to come back to what we created and started with from day one. We knew – it’s time for a change!


With new year of 2022 starting, we are introducing new changes to our menu by improving the remarkable and creating the new. Our goal is to stick to what has been successfully created and maintained since the first day of opening, because it has given most success and satisfaction. “Back to basics” is our main motto, which stands for constant quality, values, favorite tastes, simplicity and truthfulness. Delicious, juicy burgers cooked over open flame are what we started with and what we will continue with.

Thank you for being with us since day one and greetings to those who have joined us over time.
See you at Street Burgers, friends!