4 reasons to choose slideburgers

4 reasons to choose slideburgers

Do you know that feeling, when your head and tummy says: “I want something tasty”, but you have no idea what it could be? Don’t believe in people who advise you to drink a glass of water to beat the hunger, because it is important to eat something tasty when you want something tasty. Street Burgers offers you to try sildeburgers or as we call it sliders. We can’t promise you that sliders will make you slimmer,  but we can certainly give you 4 impressive reasons to try them.

The perfect burger when you want to, but don’t want to eat

From time to time, there is a stage in every person’s life when they seem to want to eat, but as if they might just go for chewing gum. We do not want to allow this negativity in our lives and that is why we offer a simple solution to this weightless situation – slideburgers. BBQ mini, Greek mini and Caprese mini burgers will be the perfect solution for such a moment of your life. Almost anyone in the slide burger range will find the option they want – vegetarian, beef or chicken burger lovers.

Multiple burgers in one time

If you want to taste it all, then slide burgers are the way to go. Streetburgers offer their customers the opportunity to order 3 sets of slide burgers at a bargain price, combining burgers of their choice. Want 3 mini Greek burgers? But please! Want something lighter, but don’t want to give up juicy beef? Take two Caprese mini and one BBQ mini burger! The variations are different, you just have to choose and enjoy.

Together with friends, because sliderburgers are on the table.

You may have a meeting with friends – an anniversary, a promotion, a winning discussion in a Facebook forum, or just Thursday – we’ll be waiting for you and your friends at the Street Burgers. A glass of craft beer, lemonade or other beverage and great conversations will make a wonderful addition to the various slideburgers. Everybody will be able to find what they are looking for – whether it’s a mini snack before enjoying a larger meal, maybe just a delicious snack or a full-fledged burger tasting. Either way, we are looking forward to seeing you and your friends at Streetburgers locations!

The perfect dating material

There is a saying, that for men, loves goes through the stomach and for women love goes through ears. So why not combine both of those sayings? Slide burgers are elegant enough in size so that you don’t have to worry about unplanned food remains on your cheeks during a date, they are so nutrient that no one will go home hungry. Lead each other to Streetburgers burgers, enjoy our offer, and who knows – it’s possible that at least one great story will have started out while enjoying slideburgers.