Street Burgers vegetarian burgers

Street Burgers vegetarian burgers

It is a well-known fact, that the best way for a vegetarian to beat the hunger is with a vegetarian burger. Street Burgers offers to their customer three delicious vegetarian burger options – Falafel burger, Mum’s cheese burger and Portobello burger. We strongly suggest meat enthusiasts to try on of these burgers, to break the stereotype that any vegetarian food consists of cucumber, tomatoes and soy products. Actually vegetarian burgers are rich in taste and nutrient. A well-made vegetarian burger can conversation-worthy while meeting your friends or family.  

Falafel burgers

The Falafel burger consists of Falafel scone which made from Turkish peas, beet chutney, chilli chutney, tzatziki sauce, tomato, lettuce, blue onion and pickles. If we compare this burger to opera, then it will be a symphony of food. It is perfect for those who consume meat products – rich in protein, harmonious flavour combinations and neat vegetable accents. Nutrient, right size and good looking. No, this is not a description of your Tinder profile, it is the essence of Street Burgers Falafel burger.

Mum’s cheese burger

Come to Street Burgers, order Mum’s cheese burger and call your mom. In that way not only you will make your mom happy, but also by tasting Mum’s cheese burger you will feel like home. Mum’s cheese burger is made from breaded alpine and cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, blue onion rings, pickled cucumber slices, beet chutney and garlic sauce. The perfect meal for someone who loves cheese. It is one of our most playful burgers on the menu. Don’t believe it? Order and enjoy the taste of melted cheese combined with ingredients, which you can find in your mum’s garden. 

Portobello burger

Let me introduce you to Portobello mushroom. International girlfriend of our local mushrooms. It is hard to tell the difference between Portobello mushroom and steak because they both look quite similar when cooked. But never the less, we are proud of our delicious mushroom burger. 

The burger is made of butter-fried portobello mushrooms, tomato, lettuce, blue onion, pickled cucumber, alpine cheese and garlic sauce. A delightful bouquet of flavours for those foodies who loves autumn. If you want to introduce your meat-loving friend into vegetarian burger world, then this burger is the right to start with. We strongly suggest enjoying the burger with some of our craft beers or with some healthy fruit smoothie.